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The 32th annual Wilhelmina Rod Run will be held August 24th thru August 26th.

You may register at Street and Performance early on Friday the 24th from noon to 4 pm Friday evening registration from 6 pm to 8 pm at the Depot. Then Saturday will be open to register all day beginning at 9 am.

For the early arrivals there will be a function held at Street and Performance on Thursday the 23th. (Registered Participants only)

On Friday evening there will be the traditional "Show and Shine" held downtown in Mena at the KCS Depot from 6 pm until 10 pm.  This event is open to the public and is a great way to renew old acquaintances, show off your street rods to some people who may not have the opportunity to come up on the mountain, and listen to some music.  This event usually draws a good crowd of local admirers of the street rods.  This event usually begins at about 6:00 pm and lasts until about 10:00.

On Saturday and Sunday, the activities move up on the mountain to Queen Wilhelmina State Park.  The Saturday activities begin at 9:00 am and are open to the public for the showing of your cars.  As usual there will be fun and games for the registered participants.  Later in the afternoon on Saturday there is a fish fry open to REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS ONLY.  Your meal tickets are included in your registration package, don't lose them.  If you don't have a meal ticket you don't eat.

On Saturday night there will be a "Show and Shine" for the street rods held on the south end of Mena Street (Main Street) this usually starts around 6:00pm and is open to the public. Sometime around 8:30 there will be a presentation of the Mayor's Choice Award and the County Judge's Choice Award.  This event usually winds up around 9:00pm.

On Sunday morning there will be a religious service early and the Awards Ceremony will be held at about 10:00 am.

If you have never been to the Wilhelmina Rod Run you are missing a great event.  As well as a chance to visit Street and Performance and other auto related sites.  The mountains are beautiful and the people are friendly and helpful.  Be sure to stop by the "ESSO"(click for tour) station on Mena Street, look in the window at the Studebaker Building next door, drop into the restored KCS Depot (click for tour) and see the artwork and memorabilia, drive thru historic Janssen Park (click for tour) and see the first building in Mena, and take enough time to enjoy the drive up the scenic Talimena Drive to Queen Wilhelmina State Park (click for tour) as you go up for the show.  If you would like to see virtual tours of other area attractions go to:

If you have additional questions you might want to contact the guys at Street and Performance, I'm sure that they would be glad to help.


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