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The Mena Arkansas area has been the location of the Wilhelmina Rod Run since its beginning.  This years Wilhelmina Rod Run will mark the 32th anniversary.  It was first held on Rich Mountain at Queen Wilhelmina State Park for several years on Labor Day weekend. The rod run was later moved to the weekend before Labor Day due to the already high volume of use at the State Park and the fact that it overloaded the personnel at the state park.  This date was used for several years but the decision was made to return the Wilhelmina Rod Run back to Labor Day weekend. In order to have the rod run Labor Day weekend, it was moved down the mountain to Mena Arkansas.  The first year at Mena, the rod run was held at the Mena Elks Club grounds.  The next year the Mena rod run was  moved to Janssen Park near downtown Mena.  In 2002  it was decided to move it from Janssen Park, back to Queen Wilhelmina State Park even though it couldn't be held on Labor Day weekend.  It will be held on August 24-26 in 2007.

The Wilhelmina Rod Run is always well received by the local population and is looked forward to each year.


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